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Corporate Driver Training


Today’s businesses face seemingly endless (and constantly changing) requirements for the safety of employees with company vehicles.  Some states view giving employees a company car the same as giving them a fork- lifts: you must insure that they are capable of safely handling the vehicle before you require its use as part of their job.

We can arrange a program that is custom-tailored to meet your needs.  Here are some of recent programs:

  1. Group theory session of 6 to 8 hours given on a single day;
  2. In-car training and evaluation ranging from 45 minutes to 3 hours;
  3. Courses of both theory and in-car scheduled during a regional meeting.

Some companies use courses for pre-training new hires.  Others use them for post-accident evaluation.  Each situation is unique, based upon the number of attendees and the needs.

Please call us for a specific proposal to meet your needs.  610-352-0601



















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