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Driver Education Online


 driver education online coursePennsylvania allows you to complete the theory portion of the approved program using a driver education online course.  We believe that we have the finest one available.  You can enroll, take the driver education online course, watch the driving theory videos, and do ALL driving theory testing on-line.  The current fee for this driving theory course is $99.  There is no sales tax on this course.


In the past, Pennsylvania had required that you take a monitored final test. Our driver education online course has been approved for you to do your final exam on-line. 
We are the FIRST program to receive this approval.




driving instructionIf you are in the Philadelphia region, you may also be able to take your in-car training with us.  Please call 610-352-0510 for driving instruction availability and rates in your area. 


We service most of southeast Pennsylvania.



Driving Theory Correspondence Course


We also offer the option of taking the driving theory program as a correspondence course.  With this option, you may have the final examination monitored by someone in your own area.  You receive all the materials in booklet form and mail or fax the completed test back to us.  FOR MORE INFO, PLEASE CALL 610-352-0510 or email us at .


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