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Adult And Teen Driver Training


Getting Driver Training Started


Iit is necessary for all ages to have a valid permit before beginning any in-car training.  Pennsylvania requires a completed form with a medical test and a knowledge test on the rules of the road. 


The easiest way to collect all these requirements in a single place is to obtain a driver’s manual.  All the forms and identity requirements are included in the Pennsylvania Manual for Drivers.  The Manual is available free at state representatives, state liquor stores (a strange place to begin the driving process!), auto tag agencies, Department of Transportation messengers, at all testing centers, and at many other locations throughout the state.


You may also have a free copy sent to you from the state by following this link This will also list the testing centers everywhere in Pennsylvania.


ADULT Driver Training  (over 18)


Road training is available throughout the Philadelphia 5 county area.  Lessons are by appointment from 7 AM to 7 PM, except on Sunday.


Our lessons are typically 90 minutes in length.  We find this the best amount of time because it allows for a full plan of training and review on each lesson.  Our students typically enroll for 4 lessons at a time (a total of 6 hours).  If you wish, you may also choose individual 90-minute lessons.

When you and your instructor feel the time is right, we can arrange to take you for your driver examination at the state testing center.  You will be fully prepared. 


Our pass rate as of 1/1/07 is over 90%.

Teen Driver Training  


State-Approved Programs
Beginner drivers under age 18 have several special restrictions in Pennsylvania:

  • Driving is not permitted between 11 PM and 5 AM;
  • You must have seatbelts equal to the number of people in the vehicle;
  • Although not currently in effect, it is being proposed that you may have no more than 2 other under-18 passengers in the vehicle with you.

When you appear for your driving examination, you must have a form completed where a parent or guardian certifies that you have driven a total of at least 50 hours in various types of driving conditions.


All the restrictions remain in effect until age 18 unless you have completed an approved program consisting of at least 30 hours of classroom theory and at least 6 hours of training with a state approved instructor.  All of our programs have this approval.


Traditional Theory


We offer various programs at several locations.

  • Through our school, with classes offered at our office;
  • At various high schools in the area with class given during free periods, after school, and on weekends; and
  • (Beginning February 2007) by an Internet program.

The theory classes typically last 8 to 10 weeks.  Missed classes must be made up.  For locations and times, call us at 610-352-0510.


If you school does not currently offer Driver Education and Training, let us know.  We may be able to arrange a program at your school.


In-Car Training


Lessons are available by appointment from 7 AM to 7 PM except for Sunday.  The basic state requirement of 6 hours with us counts toward the 50 hours you need before obtaining a license.  Many parents have limited time available for teaching and some will have us give 12, 25, or even all 50 hours of the training.  We can schedule and take you to your license exam.  All these options are available to you.


Driver Education Online


Clicking on the link below will take you to our Driver Education Online page.  When you enroll for this program, you can take the course material at your own pace from your home computer.


Driver Education Online

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